Multitasking is a myth, or at least that's what I believe. For the past few weeks, I have been chasing cuisine and classes and I find this situation remarkably gross.

Neither I am a person who loves switching the camera off and having lunch in the face of other people staring at me nor I can eat my food without really chewing it to the core and trying to finish it asap.

I wish to respect my classes as well as my morsel :)

Hope it makes sense.



November Highlights

After using this platform consistently for 1.5 years, I wake up to this (not a very wise thing to do), but Twitter is my daily source of news and entertainment.

It keeps me up with trends, allows me to share, witness some striking work, and interact with creative minds.

Some years back, I was new to the platform. Even after installing it and allowing it to consume a good amount of space on my digital asset, I hardly used it.

Slowly, I started putting tweets out there, started interacting with others, and in the same process, it is my wake-up to APP now.

The picture attached above is my 28-day summary. (great numbers, for me)

Grateful :)