5 Minutes is all it took

Last day, I saw a gig on Twitter and I instantly sent a mail to the recipient.

While typing, I only thought- If they don’t revert, it’s a loss for them.

I typed out a mail. Crisp one, boiling my 2 years of experience into 4 lines and then, stating what I really wish from the receiving end.

173 words that’s it.

To my surprise, I received a call within 5 minutes of pressing the send button. (A dream come true sort of situation, you see)

I wish to keep a record of things that works for me and that also have the capacity to work for all.

So, here’s what I wrote in the mail:

  1. Clear-Crisp Subject Line- The subject line comprised of my GIVE and my NAME
  2. The Greeting- I greeted the person with the name and did not use the generic Sir/Ma’am
  3. The Boiling Down- I stated about my ongoing and past study, along with my 2 years of experience in Content/Copy
  4. The USP- Next, I stated my USP in a single line
  5. The Ask- After the USP, I attached my ASK from the person (one line again)
  6. Attachments- Attached usual stuff (yeah…!! Right, CV and Folio)
  7. Ending with the question- Something new that I recently started doing and I guess it’s bringing good results.

Go on and draft one for yourself.




Naina in the world of Poo's

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Yashi Jaiswal

Yashi Jaiswal

Naina in the world of Poo's

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