A Day Dedicated to PPT’s

Though, I will be presenting my stuff virtually

It’s 22:48 as per my laptop’s clock and while I write this, I look back to this day, only to gather what I have done today.

One of the things that serve me immense joy for the day is making PPT’s. Thanks to my Professors, who by their assignments, allowed me to make some amazing brand PPT’s.

Though I am still laying my hands on improving them each day, I absolutely enjoy this process of brainstorming, choosing a brand, making a presentation, and gathering feedback from whosoever I can, to constantly improve my work.

I had to make 2 PPT’s by Monday, I spent my Saturday binge-watching and planning a few of my personal things.

I saved Sunday to make PPT’s. I made both of them today which I have to share tomorrow.

I have given my best and I am hoping for amazing results :)

Life’s a joy.

Wish me luck, I am the first presenter tomorrow morning :)




Naina in the world of Poo's

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Yashi Jaiswal

Yashi Jaiswal

Naina in the world of Poo's

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