Are You Grateful Enough?

A glimpse from my Journal

Do you remember the last time, you said: I am grateful for/to ______?

One prime thing, I have learned last year which has truly revolutionized my way of living: is being grateful for even the simplest of stuff.

I still remember, my friend gifted me a beautiful diary and I was so pumped up to start gratitude journaling. Back then, I was also reading a book that said that it takes: 66 days to build a habit and then stick to it. Most people believe: 21.

But I believe, the more, the better. So, I was aware that it will take up at least 66 days to stick to the habit of journaling every single day.

One fine day, I started and since then there’s no going back. It never took a forced nerve of me to go and write on the journal, it was something I enjoyed.

I loved devoting my time to analyze my life and how I feel about everything that’s happening with, around, and within me.

It has helped me in ways, I never thought it would. The most beautiful part about it is that I never miss a day; I write with a pen in a diary. Not any digital platform. I pour all about the storm or peace which is inside me.

It makes me aware of my thoughts, aids me in analyzing my day, feelings, mental peace, emotional upholdings, and all that makes me Nth (constantly changing) version of me.

I AM GRATEFUL FOR ___________

I AM GRATEFUL TO ___________

These are 2 super strong statements.

Only the dash needs to be filled by you. I AM GRATEFUL is such a powerful affirmation phrase.

I can’t add more as it’s an experience and it can only be felt, no words can do justice to it.

Hope you are grateful for/to for all simple stuff/relationships, people around you, things around you, the way you are leading your life, the person you are.

Hope you will attract more of everything :)



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