Film Review- Laxmii: It’s All About Teeth-chattering

Film Poster

Laxmii, written and directed by Raghava Lawrence is an amalgamation of a rom-com for a few minutes, horror in between, and ending with a social message passing film that starts with a man Asif (Akshay Kumar), who believes in science and makes people aware of a fraud baba.

He is married to Rashmi (Kiara Advani), who is a Hindu and is half the age of Asif. The couple is no more in contact with Rashmi’s parents, as they are still unhappy about the eloping of their daughter with Asif (a Muslim).

Accidently, when Asif and Rashmi talk about this, Rashmi’s mother calls her after 3 years and invites Rashmi and Asif to her 25th marriage anniversary, which is never celebrated till the end.

Rashmi and Asif pay a visit to Diu along with their nephew Raunak, who has lost his parents in an accident. Here, the couple is not warmly received by Rashmi’s father at first.

Even Rashmi fails to convince her father, but right after 2 minutes, Asif plays a game of words, prepares lemongrass tea for his father-in-law, and luckily the father-in-law is impressed, within no time.

Well, as everything seems to be happening fine, Asif is possessed by the spirit of a transwoman, Laxmi who is looking for revenge. As Laxmi overpowers the body of Asif, he starts clicking his teeth, a red teeka appears out of nowhere, and even the attire changes on its own in a few scenes.

Written by a team of 4, the film has no memorable or out-of-the-box dialogues. As an audience, we hear clicks of teeth, some repetitive dialogues, such as: Jis din bhoot mere saamne aaya na, Maa Kasam Chudiyan pehen lunga choodiyan.

The other characters of the film remain unexplored, even Kiara Advani in the role of Asif’s wife gains no good screen time. There are unnecessary song insertions. However, the sets of songs are impressive.

The movie ends on a note while passing a social message hanging the question as to whether Laxmii has gained moksha, or she still resides in Asif for the sake of taking revenge.



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