Monday is so easily tied with the word blues and it’s a pure coincidence that I am wearing blue at the moment. Excuse my absurd observations.

Writing of blue, I also remember how one of my Professors at the college starts his class by showing a page filled with blue or you can say a blue virtual presentation as the first slide.

I still don’t know the reason why. I guess I’ll ask one day.

BTW, I ask way too much in my classes and it’s so evident on the faces of my batchmates and ofc the Professor.

Moving forward, something very out of blue happened with me today in the class, when my Professor assigned a task.

We were given 10 minutes and asked to choose a brand and connect it with a movement.

We all (as in my classmates and me) started searching the web; scratching our heads to peel and present the best.

I listed some of my favorite brands, or at least I believe they are. I had to pick one, so I got along with MamaEarth and connected it with a movement which is not so often talked about; relevant throughout one’s life, but brought up on a particular occasion of the year.

To my surprise, what I was considering as my first right answer; extremely amazed my Professor.

He asked- If I am ready to pitch this to the founder of the brand.

And I said- Yes.

He further added- Work on it, and I’ll share it ahead with the concerned person. (I thought, he’s kidding)

It was an unbelievable thing for me. I confirmed an uncountable number of times just to make sure he is serious.

Turns out, he was super serious.

What a day….!!

(Blue in my city and life for now)

Gotta prepare a pitch :)

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