The (Ex-)Client

Do ex-clients ever return?

For the longest time, whenever I read someone’s post (mostly on LinkedIn) about clients returning to you, I thought aisa bhi hota kya?

Early in the morning, I got a call from one of my ex-clients from whom I had written web content, a pitch deck, a brochure, and an email. It wasn’t a long-term project back then.

Today, he stated that he is looking for a Content and Copywriter. He thought of me when he saw one of my recent posts on LinkedIn. He said: I saw your post, and I instantly thought of giving you a call.

I was surprised, literally surprised.

Anyways, the journey begins :)




Naina in the world of Poo's

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Yashi Jaiswal

Yashi Jaiswal

Naina in the world of Poo's

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