The Mentor

There are many people on the face of the earth whom I call my teacher, distant teacher, and Professor, but there’s only one mentor in my life.

Two years back, neither I really explored the power of a good mentor in life, nor I strived to have one.

Accidentally, an internship got me one (for life, I believe).

Whatever I am today, there’s a big role of my mentor behind it.

Every minute aspect of what I know today is somewhere shaped and sprouted by my mentor.

Though we don’t have much time to connect daily, when we connect over a virtual platform, my mentor has a plethora of things to share, all life-saving and improving ones.

Prafull and Grateful :)

Now, when I learn so much from a person, I strive to share what I know with others and be a mentor to someone.

If you seek one, connect with me by mail with a nice message-



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