The Winter Sun

Definitely not me


I can’t remember to forget, last time I soaked the soothing rays of sun on a cold winter morning.

Winters arrived in my city a month back or so, but it peaked this week which constantly pestered me to sit under blue sky with yellow rays.

But somehow, I followed the other path (not that I wanted to, but I just had to).

Anyways, today was different. I woke up for a few minutes via the sound of my alarm, turned it off, slept again (Somehow, I just fail to get out of this zone).

Anyhow, I was on my work desk by 9:15 and started researching for my presentation. Notion on one tab, twitter on another, ministry of tourism’s website on third, and Pandeymonium on lap.

Most of you, who don’t know, my work desk is just beside my room’s window. The concrete sun rays kept playing peak-o-boo.

Turns out, I was convinced to escalate to my roof and greet the sun.

I did :)

So, now I remember the day, I soaked the sun for an hour.

Grateful :))

How was your day?




Naina in the world of Poo's

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Yashi Jaiswal

Yashi Jaiswal

Naina in the world of Poo's

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